Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walk in Peace, Live in Love

I don't really know how this phrase came to me.  I do know how it came to me, though.  We were spending a week with my brother's family at their home, along with my parents.  They don't have a small house, but it was still tight quarters at times with 11 people hanging around.  And we really didn't go anywhere.  What I found was this mantra coming into my mind whenever frustrations began, tempers started to rise (or is it just my family that experiences these things?)  Repeating these words to myself helped me make it through.  Today, the words re-appeared in my mind.  There are some things and some people I've been struggling with lately.  I don't want to struggle.  I want to find peace.  To be positive.  To love.

Walk in peace, live in love....

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